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Re: Ben

At 06:34 AM 7/9/96 -0700, Kevin 'Tex' Houston wrote:
>Ahh, to be young again.  ;)  
>Hi Ben, and welcome.  New ideas aren't a bother.  

That's good news to hear, because I do have ideas. :)

>We've been having some discussion of this prior to your arrival.  I will be
>another letter later tonight (It's around 6:30 am here in Minneapolis, MN)

OK... just let me know. The other day, I downloaded *every* page of the
LIT page, so I have all the FAQs and stuff. The only thing I did not
download all of
was the archives, but I can still do that if it is needed.

>Yeah, I think it's safe to say that most of can program, but don't have
much time.
>I think this might be a useful outlet for some creative energy.  I think
the time
>and distance program has been generally agreed to as being "broken"
>the url is:
>I would like to see a program that could compute ship-time and earth-time for a
>relativistic flight given:
>distance to cover (one-way)
>acceleration in (m/s or G)
>top cruising speed (use none for a constant thrust mission)
>Make the input a html form, (maybe write the code in JAVA?) 
>you can research the formulas yourself, or ask Tim or Steve

OK.. later today I will try to look that program up. As for an HTML form, I will
have to write the code in JAVA as my web server doesn't allow CGI. I'll have to
figure that out soon.

As for the formulas, if they are in the program, somewhere that I can see them,
then I can figure them out, but otherwise I will need them.

>Well, don't feel bad. I'm about twice your age and have had the benefit of
>college level calculus (don't ask about the grades ;) ) and the math is still
>above my head.  As for participating, you just did.  even if you can't do
the math,
>you still can help in other areas, and I'm sure you'll get the math eventually.

Good. I'm glad I can help. :-)

>Okay, how about any web articles on Masers?  or beamed power.

I will try later today. First I have to go to summer school and take my
Algebra II class.

I should get back to you tonite about the research.