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Re: New mini-LIT Member (A litte more info)

At 07:40 AM 7/9/96 -0500, Kelly Starks x7066 MS 10-39 wrote:
>You could read through the new Website at Dave system and tell me which
>parts are clear, cloudy, interesting, yawnish.  If you can figure out why
>the map links on my nice table of content graphics on the development site
>don't work I'ld appreciate it.
>If you want to take a crack at progrmaing an active table to computing
>relatavistic fuel ratios for ships, or microwave power needed for a sail
>ship, that would help too.  (I'm trying to recruit someone whos trying to
>do numeric analysis, and we could use some numbers.)  (Don't worry none of
>us are comfortable with all these equations.)
>Or just nose around looking for other web sites, newsgroups, etc with info
>on starships, space, fusion energy or something.  If its good we can add it
>or refference it.  (I've done a few scans, but the term starship buries you
>under tons of startrek stuff!
>Kelly Starks

>From what I've read, Kelly, it seems you are very busy. I do have space on
my web site, as well as time to maintain the LIT page, so... the offer
stands. I would actually enjoy hosting the web site, and believe me those
links would pile up quickly! Anyway, just an offer.


About the programming, I am currently trying to learn a bit of Java or
JavaScript so I can put the programs up on a web site.