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Re: New mini-LIT Member (A litte more info)

At 7:13 PM 7/8/96, Philip Bakelaar wrote:
>Well, hello everyone. I just thought I would write a quick letter saying a
>few things.
>First off, I hope you all don't mind a young kid like me being part of your
>group, but I
>promise I won't bother you.

Bother us.  Our biggest problem is quiet.

>Secondly, if there is any way I can participate in this group, please let me
>know. One of the
>few things I can maybe help you out with is web site hosting. I mean, if you
>need any
>space or anything, just let me know.
>And third, just so all of you know, I am a computer programmer, and while
>for the time
>being I am limited to DOS, I am a fairly good programmer. If anyone would like
>anything done, like putting an equationinto a program or anything... well, I
>guess most of you
>can program or know someone who does, but if maybe you don't have time or
>something, I almost
>always have time each day to do a little programming, so... just an offer.
>I looked over a past discussions letter Zenon sent me, and I just want to
>say that although
>right now the equations are over my head, I will try my hardest to figure
>them out, so if I don't participate in conversation that much yet, please
>forgive me. Hopefully soon I will at least be
>able to participate to some degree.
>Well, I guess I wrote too much, sorry about that. One thing more I have to
>add is that I am very
>good at web research and so if anyone would like me to research anything,
>let me know. Basically,
>I'm saying you guys can ask me to do stuff, especially while I can't
>participate too much in your
>conversation (yet). I want to be a helpful, contributing member.

You could read through the new Website at Dave system and tell me which
parts are clear, cloudy, interesting, yawnish.  If you can figure out why
the map links on my nice table of content graphics on the development site
don't work I'ld appreciate it.

If you want to take a crack at progrmaing an active table to computing
relatavistic fuel ratios for ships, or microwave power needed for a sail
ship, that would help too.  (I'm trying to recruit someone whos trying to
do numeric analysis, and we could use some numbers.)  (Don't worry none of
us are comfortable with all these equations.)

Or just nose around looking for other web sites, newsgroups, etc with info
on starships, space, fusion energy or something.  If its good we can add it
or refference it.  (I've done a few scans, but the term starship buries you
under tons of startrek stuff!

>Well, I guess I bored you all to death by now. Thanx for reading.

Thanks for joining.

Kelly Starks


Kelly Starks                       Internet: kgstar@most.fw.hac.com
Sr. Systems Engineer
Magnavox Electronic Systems Company
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