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At 06:14 PM 7/9/96 GMT, Rex & Timothy wrote:
>To Philip (Ben? which one do you prefer),

Ben, thanx.

>For Java programs that I made, check out:
>As you may have guessed, my homepage is at:

Well, I will have to check out those homepages
definetely, although I might already have 
yesterday. I don't remember.

>At the bottom of my bookmarks list (which is accessable from my homepage)
>there are 4 links to Java stuff that me be useful for those who really want
>to get into it.
>Oh Philip, I'm staying with Rex for 2 weeks (minus 4 days), so don't be
>confused by the Email-address.
>(My normal email is T.L.G.vanderLinden@....)
>If you have any questions about Javascript, don't hestiate, ask me. However
>keep in mind that I just have started Javescript 1 month ago. (By the way
>JavaSCRIPT is diffrent from plain Java). 

Oh boy do I have questions.. Actually, not that many. Just if you could do
this for me:

  Write an HTML document that has a JavaScript in it that have the following

    input a number
    run a number through an equation (make the number type one with lots of
      decimals, as the programs I will be writing, like the ones at LIT, 
      usually have lots of decimal places)
    print a number
    input text
    print text
    convert number to text
  That would be great if you could send something like that my way.