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Re: In-system vessels

At 1:27 PM 6/20/96, Timothy van der Linden wrote:
>>>From all things we talked about, I think that would be the easiest part. I
>>>assume that at the time humankind will build a starship, in solarsystem
>>>travel will be as normal as flying over the ocean (with an airplane).
>>Well by 2050 it wount be that common.  Also LIT does have a space
>>development (or whatever its named) section.  Not just a starship design
>This is an invalid argument, assuming we are going to build a starship
>around the year 2050, I'm sure we know rather well how to do in-system
>travel, then we also don't worry about a factor 10 more or less of
>fuel-costs. (Of course we do worry, but compared to 1E18 watt everything is
>I can't see us building a 1E8 kg starship without being able to fly without
>much problems in our own system.
>It would be like sailing over the ocean with a four-masts-ship while barely
>knowing how to row across the river.

What I was saying is that LIT has a section (not well traveled but there)
that covers space development, not starship design.  This ship would fit
into that rather then the starship design project.



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