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Plasma mirror

Hey guys,
Remember a while back one of the ideas I had on how a microwave sail could
stop itself, was to have the sail focus the microwaves on a plasma mirror.
The ship would use the reflected microwaves to push a braking sail.  The
plasma would be blasted forward for use as a rocket, or just dumped.

Seems the navy lab is now testing a plasma mirror for use in ship board
radar systems.  (Aviation Week June 10/ p 50)  The radar would focus on the
stearable plasma sheet.  The test sheet was 1 cm thick and 60 x 60 cm
square.  They are working on upgrading it to a 1.2 - 2 meter square.  It
bounces microwaves in the 5-20 GHz range and they think similar system
could work up to 50 GHz.  The current unit needs 2 amps and 20 kilovolts to
keep it runing.

Interesting hey?



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