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Re: Post singularity society

>>One should consider what abilities one would like to have, speaking 20
>>languages fluently? Being able to compute the most difficult mathematical
>>problems, figuring out the laws of the universe? Or how to love, to life in
>>this world among and with others?
>Whats wrong with choosing all of the above?  They are not exclusive.

Indeed, but that was not what I was trying to say. Would you want everything
that is possible at once? Never ever struggle to get something? I know it
sounds tempting at first, but then after a while you may get really bored.
And second, living in this world among and with others doesn't sound like
there is a "chip" for that, it's something that should be unique for every
I'm not saying that nothing should be used, but that I wonder if you really
want to use it all.

>>Another viewpoint is this:
>>Today we are wondering, how should we treat nature, our origin and mother?
>Generally welth leads to more interest in keeping your home (and planet)
>clean.  Such luxuries are unaffordable by the poor.  Hence the higher
>pollution in the third world, versus the developed world.
>Of course since I just mentioned my concern that we would start to become
>very freaky to the third world.  That may just become an increased source
>of friction.  (Then as now.)

If these AI's are really so smart and handy, they should be able to create
an nice world for everyone. The term wealth is a bit vague, it should be
possible to create a balanced world (in all ways) that gives everyone enough
space and wealth to be very comfortable. I understand that this may mean
that populations should shrink, I think this is only a temporarily problem.
If the population should increase then the only solution would be to live in
space (or another starsystem) but I'm sure that would solve itself.