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RE: Ox

At 10:08 AM 6/17/96, David Levine wrote:

Probably, I know the author and he's big into the Millenial Projoct group
that the book spawned.  (We frequently argue in posts about the groups
projects.)  From my reading of the savage book he seems to have his data
correct, but he doesn't always seem to know how to apply it.  So I'm hoping
the O2 numbers are correct.  Is so they'ld give a handel on how large our
Oxegen system would need to be.


>Sounds like it came from that Marshall Savage book.
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>>Subject: 	Ox
>>Ran into the following post and woundered how accurate it is.  Anyone know?
>>>I wonder how much space it takes to keep one in oxegen.<
>>My figure is @ six liters of algea per person. That could be contained in a
>>less than 2 meters of clear tubing, wrapp it helicaly around your light and
>>go for it.
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Kelly Starks                       Internet: kgstar@most.fw.hac.com
Sr. Systems Engineer
Magnavox Electronic Systems Company
(Magnavox URL: http://www.fw.hac.com/external.html)