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RE: image maps

Actually, as I mentioned to Kelly, I use IIS, which uses a format different
from NCSA and CERN...
it uses the Microsoft format... great, hm?  They change these things around
for no good reason.
They also don't use common log format.   Sigh.

Client-side image maps are useful, as well.  More efficient and faster, too.
 But not all browsers
support them.

David Levine, Application Engineer
InterWorld Technology Ventures, Inc.

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>Subject: 	image maps
>>Dave got back to me yesterday and thinks my Maps should run on his system.
>>We will see how it goes.  I should have the maps loaded and uploaded in a
>>couple of days.  Then I'll see if I know what I'm doing.
>There are two formats for ISMAPS, the CERN and NSCA format, I assume the
>system on Dave's computer understands only one of them.