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image maps


>Dave got back to me yesterday and thinks my Maps should run on his system.
>We will see how it goes.  I should have the maps loaded and uploaded in a
>couple of days.  Then I'll see if I know what I'm doing.

There are two formats for ISMAPS, the CERN and NSCA format, I assume the
system on Dave's computer understands only one of them.


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To Kevin,

>What is the best program for creating maps?  and what kind of server 
>support do you need?

Mapedit, A WYSIWYG editor for imagemaps
it is a Windows program.

How to do imagemaps
may be helpful as additional information.

You cannot test the imagemaps at home with your browser, but this program
Mapedit has some test functions. You need to get contact with the system
operator to figure out if your server supports imagemaps AND allows you to
use it. It may be that the system is set up in such a way that you don't
need to ask permission to use the imagemap system, but is be different on
every system.