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Re: To Kevin and Kelly

On Wed, 1 May 1996, Timothy van der Linden wrote:

> To Kevin,
> Nice done, I always thought that cgi-scripts where the only way to produce
> inline moving images. I did know that gif-animations existed, but had never
> seen one. Now that I started digging in the many imagetools I have, I see

One of the disadvantages, is that the older versions of netscape do not 
support this function. (more on that later) the gif construction set
can be found at:


> that I even don't have a working GIF-animation player.
> Did you find that software "The GIF construction set" on the web? I'm
> interested in having that tool too.
> I think that MPEG movies will be a bit smaller, but of course they aren't
> inline-movies (yet).

The gifcon.exe program _can_ be used as a helper app for your browser, so 
having this program should allow your browser (whatever it is) to see the 
gif 89a extenstions.

To: all
Re: image-maps

What is the best program for creating maps?  and what kind of server 
support do you need?