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On Wed, 1 May 1996, Ric & Denisse Hedman wrote:

> Kevin,
> When I try and go to your site it says: FORBIDDEN. Your cliet is not allowed
> accaess.

Yeah, I had a little problem with the read/write rights.  it should be 
fixed now.  i also added a page for the netscape-challenged  ;)

> Try this one though. I just made it.
> http://www.wolfenet.com/~rddesign/Flasher.htm

WoW!  impressive.  The background gif takes a while to load (and I'm at 
the University, so I have the fastest access I can possibly have. 

Advice for the background:  reduce the image by 50% or even 25% or 
perhaps switching to a .jpg format would help.

Have Fun.