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Re: To Kevin and Kelly

At 2:23 PM 5/1/96, Timothy van der Linden wrote:
>To Kevin,
>>The first images from the fly-by recon mission are in
>>planet I is definetly a water world, and may have life.
>Nice done, I always thought that cgi-scripts where the only way to produce
>inline moving images. I did know that gif-animations existed, but had never
>seen one. Now that I started digging in the many imagetools I have, I see
>that I even don't have a working GIF-animation player.
>Did you find that software "The GIF construction set" on the web? I'm
>interested in having that tool too.
>I think that MPEG movies will be a bit smaller, but of course they aren't
>inline-movies (yet).

Humm, I'm going to have to try some of those tricks.

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>To Kelly,
>>Seriously, I'm playing web cutting games too.  I worked up graphical maps
>>for tables of contents of my docs, but I don't have support software here
>>to test it, and don't know what Dave has on his machine. (HELLO DAVE, ARE
>>Well if nothing else it looks cool.  I'll upload it as probably
>>non-functional and hope for the best.
>I've a new site, (I can't login to the old one). Unfortunately it is only
>750kb large, which means that only 250kb was left after I installed my
>complete web-site (including the Calc-page of 250kb).
>Anyway, it seems that that site allows image-maps, maybe I can test the
>image maps there.
>If it's not too large, I can locate the images there for a while, so that
>you can link it back to your page.

Dave got back to me yesterday and thinks my Maps should run on his system.
We will see how it goes.  I should have the maps loaded and uploaded in a
couple of days.  Then I'll see if I know what I'm doing.



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