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Re: Broken Draft on New Lit Server

Timothy van der Linden wrote:
> Did I miss something? Is this the new upcoming LIT site, that you Dave, were
> talking about two weeks ago?
> If so, what does it have a different URL than the old site?

Yes, this is a site on my computer on my desktop.  There's
not much to it, yet, but I can give everyone ftp accounts
and directories and this can be a much more collaborative
effort.  My computer can only handle five connections at a
time right now (I'm using a development release of NT Server
3.51 of all things, which limits simultaneous connections)
and it's also used as a print server, so not everyone is
going to be able to get on at once.  Obviously evening
hours (for NYC time) are best.  However, I'll be upgrading
my server shortly to 4.0... and unrestricted version, so
there'll be no problem with a lot of people on at once.
Anyway, if anyone'd like an ftp account, email me separately
and I'll send you a username and password.  Plus, this
site shouldn't be publicized, yet.  We're still in "initial
construction" phase.

David Levine
Application Engineer
InterWorld Technology Ventures, Inc.