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Re: Broken Draft on New Lit Server

Ok, so the Save to HTML function in WordPerfect has a couple bugs. I went
through by hand and corrected all the links, reloaded everything to Daves
machine, tested and fixed everything.  ALL the links now work! ALL the
images come up!  SO SOMEBODY LOOK AT IT!

As I said I'll spruce it up a bit as time permits.


At 4:49 PM 4/2/96, David Levine wrote:
>KellySt@aol.com wrote:
>> I loaded my current draft of the Explorer Class, Starship Design status
>> report, and Support craft web documents, to your workstations prototype LIT
>> site.  But the links don't work right.  Most of the images don't come up, and
>> some of the interdocument links arn't working.
>Your links contain escaped characters instead of the
>underscores that are actually there.  That's probably
>what's wrong. Also, you back up one folder in the
>directory structure, and then enter the wrong folder.
>For instance,
>should probably be:
>or, better yet, just:
>since it's in the same directory.
>> Oh Dave, mind if I up load a few meg of packground documents?  I figured it
>> might make a good reference archive.  Also, my hard drive at work has a lot
>> more space then the ones on my home computers, and some of the image files
>> are bulky!.  If nothing else, if i could park some of the big files there for
>> ftping to home later I would appreciate it.  (One of the 3d graphics data
>> bases is 13 meg!)
>Well, okay, but within reason.  Right now there's only
>70 megs or so on the thing.
>David Levine
>Application Engineer
>InterWorld Technology Ventures, Inc.


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