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Re: OK, here the right calculus (I hope)

> Kevin:
> > If it's not too much trouble, can you figure this for 
> > a constant maser beam How much extra RM will we need?
> > A decreasing maser beam is possible, it's only a time 
> > delay calculation, but a constant beam would solve 
> > some engineering problems
> Don't wory.  Most of the beam wount hit the sail/collector anyway.  If you
> want less beam, furl in the sail a little.

Hey Kelly! that's a great idea.  =8-)

Ok Tim, never mind.  Kelly's solution is much more elegant than the one I 
was thinking of using.  This way earth sends a constant maser beam, and 
we decrease our collection of it as the need arises.

hmm...   must do some more thinking.  Main problem now is how to make a 
sail/collector big enough and light enough to catch the energy, while 
having it be strong enough to withstand the forces.   %^|