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Re: Broken Draft on New Lit Server

>KellySt@aol.com wrote:
>> I loaded my current draft of the Explorer Class, Starship Design status
>> report, and Support craft web documents, to your workstations prototype LIT
>> site.

Did I miss something? Is this the new upcoming LIT site, that you Dave, were
talking about two weeks ago?

If so, what does it have a different URL than the old site?

Anyway, I've been busy updating my old calc.txt and transferring it to HTML:


It includes all formulas in transparent images. There is also a link to a
DOS executable program to calculate several values yourself (sorry Kelly, I
don't know how to make a Mac version).

Please tell me if it looks OK, if things don't look like they should, tell
me what browser you use. (I'm using one of the latest Netscape browsers for

Any suggestions/comments are welcome.

The formulas may look a bit too large, sorry for that, there are 3 options:
- Upgrade to a monitor & graphics card with higher resulotion ;)
- Increase font size by 3 or 4 points
- Accept the bigger formulas

The whole page is about 25Kb of text and 47Kb of small images.

Greetings Timothy