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Re: your mail = Greenhouse

to: Kevin C Houston

> On Sat, 24 Feb 1996, Timothy van der Linden wrote:

> > >It isn't that sunlight is stronger or lower in the IR bands, it's that 
> > >earth-light is much much loser in the UV and visible bands.
> > 
> > What do you mean by loser?

> Sorry, I meant lower.  the s key and the w key are too
>  close on my keyboard :)

You said that?

> > >that is not true.  the _has_ been a temp rise over the last 90-100 
> > >years.  It is small, and it cannot be _proven_ to be caused by the 
> > >greenhouse gases, but it has occured.
> > 
> > Indeed, NASA is only one experiment. Ground-based weather data show a
> > increase. I am interested though why both methods seem to disagree.
> > writes in an article that global temperature did increase the last
> > so it is not just a story from the newspapers and environmentalist)

> One theory, is that it is due to the "heat island" effect 
> around urban centers.  but this does not seem adequate 
> in talking about records gathered in small rural towns 
> (like my home town of Viroqua WI)  The population of 
> Viroqua is something like 3600, and the whole town 
> fits within one square mile.  Heat island effect 
> cannot explain the temp rise is such pastoral settings.  

Suppose that would depend on where they put the thermometer?

> > How convenient, whatever we do, we're gonna die anyway ;)

> No, we will just have to find another source of energy, 
> it will either be fusion or space-based solar

I thought you just argued against space based solar?

> About the ship:

> I have a design outline that I would like everyones comment on:

> 1) Ship leaves Sol using Maser sail.
> 2) Ship enters TC using MARS lineac.
> 3) Exploration of TC and construction of maser array.
> 4) return module (more on this below) leaves TC using Maser sail.
> 5) Return Module enters Sol using Maser Sail.

Last I heard the numbers showed the lineac core couldn't over power the boost
from the micro wave.  I.E. no brakes!

> The Lineac Core, large tanks, rotating hab sections,
>  exploration equipment, etc.  would all remain in TC 
> system.  only the return module and the maser sail 
> would go back.  This should reduce the return module 
> mass by a factor of 25 (from 2.5 E9 to 1 E8)Kg 

You'ld need the hab centrafuge for the living quarters otherwise the crews
health would decline.  Also the heavy radiation shielding would need to be

Why do you assume a factor of 25 weight reduction?  You never gave any weight
breakdown numbers.

> the return module would be the crews quarters during 
> both acceleration phases, the mass should be about 
> 1 E8 Kg (may be too large) ---

Whats your crew compliment?  100,000 tons does leave a lot of weight for

> --- during the trip to TC, the return module would be
>  tucked inside the rotating hab sections.  the Rotating
>  sections, then are freed from the design criteria 
> of having to adapt to multiple gravity vectors, the 
> rotating portions are designed to rotate only. --

Sounds like you just doubled the size of the habitation zones.  One complete
set for accel and decel, another for artificial G (centrafuge) operations.

> --- This greatly increases the amount of interior 
> space available to the TC explorers while in the target 
> system.

I don't see how.

---< snip>---

> I will be putting this on a web page soon, so that you 
> all can see what I am talking about.

> Kevin Houston

I hope I can get to it over the web.  ;)


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