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Re: your mail = Greenhouse

>> Indeed, NASA is only one experiment. Ground-based 
>> weather data show a clear increase. I am interested 
>> though why both methods seem to disagree. (CSIRO
>> writes in an article that global temperature did
>> increase the last century, so it is not just a story 
>> from the newspapers and environmentalist)
>What isthe CSIRO and how did they get their data.  To my knowledge NASA is
>the only attempt to get global temperature data. Obviously most of the world
>has no regular temperature data taken even now, and the rest seldom bothers
>to compensate for the temperature changes at the measuring site due to
>subburban growth.  The best long term (multi century) data is from ecological
>drift.  In the U'S. that shows a gradual (with bumps) cooling over the last
>800 years, but of course that neiather here nor there in a green house

I hope I had the letters right, as far as I know it is the main Australian
scientific organization. The Australians are concerned a lot about the ozon
hole (they are the ones that are most fulnarable) I assume this interest
makes them also a bit more aware about the greenhouse effect.