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Re: your mail = Greenhouse

to: Timothy van der Linden

> >It isn't that sunlight is stronger or lower in the IR bands, it's that 
> >earth-light is much much loser in the UV and visible bands.

> What do you mean by loser?

Sorry, typo.  I ment lower.


> >> that a lot of IR reflective gas has been added to the atmosphere without
> >> changing the temp, and no one has a coherent explanation for how it
> >
> >that is not true.  the _has_ been a temp rise over the last 90-100 
> >years.  It is small, and it cannot be _proven_ to be caused by the 
> >greenhouse gases, but it has occured.

> Indeed, NASA is only one experiment. Ground-based 
> weather data show a clear increase. I am interested 
> though why both methods seem to disagree. (CSIRO
> writes in an article that global temperature did
> increase the last century, so it is not just a story 
> from the newspapers and environmentalist)

What isthe CSIRO and how did they get their data.  To my knowledge NASA is
the only attempt to get global temperature data. Obviously most of the world
has no regular temperature data taken even now, and the rest seldom bothers
to compensate for the temperature changes at the measuring site due to
subburban growth.  The best long term (multi century) data is from ecological
drift.  In the U'S. that shows a gradual (with bumps) cooling over the last
800 years, but of course that neiather here nor there in a green house