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Re: Fwd: Greenhouse

>To end this discussion properly, I would strongly recommend that you read
>the "bad greenhouse" page. (I think you didn't do that yet) I
>P.S. If you read that rather small page, I would really be interested in
>what you think of it.

Not a bad discussion and debunking of greenhouse effect myths such as "The
greenhouse effect is caused when gases in the atmosphere behave as a
blanket and trap radiation which is then reradiated to the earth." etc...
The author seems about as frustrated with nonscience being bounced around
and I am.

The statement that "the surface of the earth receives nearly twice as much
energy from the atmosphere as it does from the sun." might be a bit
confusing.  Obviously the atmospher acts as a transport mechanism not an
energy source in the true sence (I.E. the atmosphere doesn't generate any
energy).  But thats a comparativly minor point.

I was a little suprized you brought it up, given that this doesn't discus
global warming or the so called "greenhouse effect" (i.e. artificial
greenhouse gases altering atmospheric IR transmitions) that we've been
arguing about.



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