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Re: David

Hello David,

>It's interesting to note that I've been administrating four other web
>sites... one of them, ArchaeoSETI, has also recently been
>"disappointed" in my "performance".  I would like everyone to remember
>that we are ALL volunteers in this endeavor... this includes me.

True, but I still don't know why your support for SD stopped the way it did.

>LIT was meant from the first to be an entirely web-based campus.
>To be honest, I've never liked the idea of an email newsletter, and
>would have preferred some kind of web-based discussion system
>(and one a little more stable than the one I had originally written).

I like the idea of a discussion system, in fact that is what we are doing
for the last 2 months. At the time I didn't vote on this because I did not
participate that much. A "subscribe" list would probably be very handy.

>One of the ideas of LIT was that it would grow.  I wanted it to be big.
>In this case, it was to have several people helping me run such things
>as classes and discussions.  I can't do everything.  When LIT
>returns, I will still need help.

On of my reasons for disappointment was that some long time ago I offered
you some help by writing some documents and a program. You replied to me
that at that time you had no time and would write back. After waiting a few
weeks I send a similar letter once more. Again you replied the same. But I'm
still waiting for an answer.
My offer still stands...

>One of the things I'd like to do ASAP is find a charitable listserv
>that could perhaps support the discussion list.  I have no idea where
>to start doing this.  Does anyone have any ideas?

As far as I know this can be done at any server with form-capabilities, the
thing you need to install is a auto-mailer. (I tried to do it once but got
not very far.)

>RE: the last message from me being on Dec. 17th.  Does anyone realize
>that it's the 26th today?  In my book, nine days since my last message
>(and actually I sent something this very morning) is not exactly
>a very long time.  Hell, the newsletters from LIT used to come out
>once a week, and were usually late at that.  Is 9 days really an
>eternity all of the sudden?

That message of Dec. 17th was the last and the ONLY letter I received from
you, the only other trace I have found was at Nov. 10th where Kevin told
that you had written him.

As I wrote before I can understand that you are busy, but I can't understand
that you have not 15 minutes to write a letter to people that try to build
something together with you.

>Attachment Converted: D:\REEngin1

What is this attachment? All letters from you seem to include it, but when I
take a look at it, it is garbled completely.