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Re: possible LIT site.

  I would be willing to part with $20.00 (US) per year to see this 
>I've seen quotes in various magazines from $30 (US) for 10 MB on up.  I 
>would think that for as little as $100 a year, we could have a very nice 
>website with lots and lots of room.  Counting heads that i see here 
>often, (no pressure, I'm just thinking out loud) me, Dave, Kelly, Ric, 
>Timothy, Steve.  That's 6 people who contribute regularly, would bring 
>the price down to $16.67 each.  the more people who help, the less each 
>of us would have to pay.  

Count me in for a $20.00 bill. 

The rest of you all in??

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