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RE: David

>True, but I still don't know why your support for SD stopped the way it 

As I've said, I don't really think my support has ever stopped.  The
newsletters fell apart at my end, mainly because the file containing
the email addresses got corrupted.  Yes, it could have been rebuilt,
but there were absolutely hundreds of people involved...  Anyway,
I certainly had never intended (and still don't intend) that the official
newsletters are dead.  It WILL return.

>>LIT was meant from the first to be an entirely web-based campus.
>>To be honest, I've never liked the idea of an email newsletter, and
>>would have preferred some kind of web-based discussion system
>>(and one a little more stable than the one I had originally written).
>I like the idea of a discussion system, in fact that is what we are doing
>for the last 2 months. At the time I didn't vote on this because I did not
>participate that much. A "subscribe" list would probably be very handy.

Actually, perhaps I didn't explain myself well... when I say a "web-based
discussion system" I mean one that works entirely though the WWW, and
does not include email in any way.  You would post using forms, and
read the discussion on a series of pages.  However, I think the majority
of the most active people seem to prefer an email discussion list.

>On of my reasons for disappointment was that some long time ago I 
>you some help by writing some documents and a program. You replied 
>to me
>that at that time you had no time and would write back. After waiting a 
>weeks I send a similar letter once more. Again you replied the same. But 
>still waiting for an answer.
>My offer still stands...

Just so you know, my response right now to such an offer would be
"please, go ahead, write something and let me know when you have
finished".  This is how I responded to several people who wished to
write articles for LIT (i.e. Ges Seger, Jack Sarfatti come to mind...
there are a few others who have contributed that I can't remember
off-hand at the moment) in the past... If you made an offer to which
I said "I don't have the time at the moment" in response, I can
only assume that your offer was not of the "I have an idea for an
article I'd like to write" variety, but rather a "what can I do to help?"
offer.... my response to the latter would STILL be "I'll have to get
back to you, I don't have the time right now", mainly because I
don't have the time to figure out who should be writing what, when,
and how.  I always accept anything you'd want to put on the pages.
When SunSITE gets its act together again, I'll do a quick survey
for you, and I think you'll find that at least a third of the starship
school pages are not by me... and ALL of them were pages people
just sent me, saying "here, can you use this?"  So, please, if
you want to do something (and this is to everyone), please do it.
When LIT is back, it can continue to grow in the way it has in the

>>One of the things I'd like to do ASAP is find a charitable listserv
>>that could perhaps support the discussion list.  I have no idea where
>>to start doing this.  Does anyone have any ideas?
>As far as I know this can be done at any server with form-capabilities, the
>thing you need to install is a auto-mailer. (I tried to do it once but got
>not very far.)

I think we're talking at cross-purposes again.  I'm looking for a listserv at
some site somewhere that is charitable enough to start a new discussion
list (I have heard that many listservs will do this - I just don't know how to
go about doing it) for us... it would make things very simple, and very

>That message of Dec. 17th was the last and the ONLY letter I received 
>you, the only other trace I have found was at Nov. 10th where Kevin told
>that you had written him.
>As I wrote before I can understand that you are busy, but I can't 
>that you have not 15 minutes to write a letter to people that try to build
>something together with you.

Um, I've looked through my archive of the current batch of "newsletters",
extending back to November 5th (again, a majority of these come from
Kelly), and find... um... let's see... zero from Tim, out of fifty nine
messages since then.  When I respond to this list (and granted it's
not often... but to be honest, most of this discussion is out of my
technical depth, and I've rarely participated in the project since it's
beginnings over a year ago anyway, even when it was five newsletters
once a week) it's reply-to-all.... if you're not getting them, I can only
assume you're not getting the letters I'm responding to anyway.
Actually, I have a bad feeling now that apparently with my 59 messages,
I'm still missing quite a number.  Sigh.

>>Attachment Converted: D:\REEngin1
>What is this attachment? All letters from you seem to include it, but 
>when I
>take a look at it, it is garbled completely.

On this front, I'm sorry, I don't know.  Certainly I'm not attaching
anything to my documents.  We're using Microsoft Exchange at
work, which every time it starts reminds me its a Beta, sooooo....

Also, some people tell me that some of my letters include
odd characters (=20, or something) at the end of each line...
Also something I don't see when I'm typing messages.


David Levine
Application Engineer - InterWorld
He tried to kill me with a forklift...