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Going Places Spring/Summer, 1996

TAs at Work in Micronesia and the South Pacific
John Pettit is a member of the energy conservation team working with the Kosrae Utilities Authority. John is a graduate student in architecture, and is currently employed by the Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory at the UO. He is interested in discovering ways to more efficiently use the island's limited energy generation capabilities, especially in local building design. . .

From the Director
The month of May finds one of the MSPP staff, either Nancy or me, visiting the islands in preparation for the arrival in June of most of the technical assistants. This visit is to assure that the parameters of the projects are well-defined, that counterparts are ready to work with the TAs, and that housing has been secured for the TAs. . .

Kelly Wyatt, Global Traveler
Since leaving the Pacific islands in early 1995, Kelly has worked in several places, from the extremes of New York to New Zealand to Antarctica. Her work in New York involved managing an international service corps program with young people from Slovakia, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Belarus and France, as well as leading an outdoor education/ropes course pro gram. . .

Where are they now?
Elizabeth Caraker, former MSPP staff member and technical assistant on Kosrae and Pohnpei, has a new internship in Alameda County, Cali fornia with the advanced planning division and will be working on open space and agricultural preservation planning, as well as helping create a master plan for a new town. . .



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