Where are they now?

Elizabeth Caraker, former MSPP staff member and technical assistant on Kosrae and Pohnpei, has a new internship in Alameda County, Cali fornia with the advanced planning division and will be working on open space and agricultural preservation planning, as well as helping create a master plan for a new town. Liz is also working part-time with the City of Berkeley doing a marina inventory.

Eric Gilman served as a TA in Pohnpei with the Pohnpei Port
Authority. For the past several years, Eric has worked in Saipan, Common wealth of the Northern Mariana
Islands, most recently as a special assistant to the Governor for environ mental affairs. Eric was instrumental in encouraging the MSPP to place
its first technical assistant this
summer with the Coastal Resources Management agency in Saipan.

Kathy Roos, TA in American
Samoa, is running for the Idaho state legislature. Although her candidacy is a full-time job for the next several months, Kathy has remained active in the environmental arena. Both Kathy and Roger Roos , who also served as a TA in American Samoa, are involved with the development of a regional land trust for two counties in south west Idaho as well as a foothills
preservation group. Roger practies internal medicine with St. Luke's Hospital in Boise.

Larry Vasquez, TA on Yap, is an assistant city planner for Canby, Oregon, located near Portland. His focus is on housing and business development for the community of 10,000. Larry received his master's degree in community and regional planning in December 1995.

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