Kelly Wyatt, Global Traveler

Kelly Wyatt, Global Traveler

Editor's note: Kelly is a former TA on Pohnpei and Kosrae

Since leaving the Pacific islands in early 1995, Kelly has worked in several places, from the extremes of New York to New Zealand to Antarctica. Her work in New York involved managing an international service corps program with young people from Slovakia, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Belarus and France, as well as leading an outdoor education/ropes course pro gram.

After New York, Kelly's next stops were Colorado and New Zealand, where she trained to work at a field camp in Antarctica, about 150 miles from the South Pole. Her training focused on how to live in a freezing climate (the average temperature was -15 F), first aid and rescue, radio communications and weather forecasting. She lived in a large tent on Shackleton Glacier for four months along with a crew of helicopter pilots, equipment operators and re searchers. The program's mission was to unearth fossils and rock samples from this particularly rich area of the continent.

Upon returning from the southern ends of the earth, this June Kelly again headed for the Pacific, in response to a request from the Micronesia and South Pacific Program to work with the South Pacific Regional Environment Programme for a period of six weeks. Kelly's job with SPREP is to assist with environmental education activities, and in the process, to determine how other technical assistants from the MSPP can interface with SPREP projects through out the Pacific islands.

In August 1996, Kelly will be on the move again -- this time back to Micronesia, where she will be working with the YapSTAR educational pro gram in Colonia, Yap. Kelly is looking forward to returning to Micronesia-- her past experiences in the Pacific were important to her, and she is eager to continue collaborating with teachers and youth development leaders in the islands.

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