TAs at Work in Micronesia and the South Pacific

TAs in Kosrae

John Pettit is a member of the energy conservation team working with the Kosrae Utilities Authority. John is a graduate student in architecture, and is currently employed by the Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory at the UO. He is interested in discovering ways to more efficiently use the island's limited energy generation capabilities, especially in local building design.

Technical Assistant Jason Moore will facilitate a follow-up computer training program with the staff of the Kosrae Department of Transportation. Jason is looking forward to sharing with his Micronesian co-workers the skills he acquired as a technical computer support staff person for a computer company in Eugene.

Sam Karp, a recent graduate of the Energy Management Program at Lane Community College, will be part of a team helping Kosrae Utilities Authority with their energy conservation program. His responsibilities will include teaching counterparts how to conduct energy audits and propose efficiency improve ment measures. Sam is interested in renewable energy technology that pro motes a sustainable global environment.

In September, after receiving his UO master's degree in public affairs with an emphasis in natural resources and environmental management, Aaron-Pilika Sigrah, a native Kosraean, will return home with his wife, Joyce. Aaron has lived in the US for eight years while completing his undergraduate and graduate education. He will be working with the Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources, assisting in the collection, development and organization of re search materials. Aaron is the first Micronesian to serve as a Technical As sistant with the Micronesia and South Pacific Program.


Etsuko Yasui will collaborate with the American Samoa Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources to evaluate the progress of ongoing public awareness and educational efforts for marine and wildlife species on the island. Etsuko received her undergraduate degree in Japan. She is a graduate student in the UO International Studies Program, and her interests are international communication and environmental issues.

Matt Van Ess is a graduate student in commu nity and regional planning at the UO. In September he will begin working with the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources in American Sa moa on a coral reef mapping project. Matt is interested in marine, estuarine, and coastal issues. He is exploring the role of geographic information systems in improving decision making in these areas.

In June, Alysia Ogden will be working with the Environmental Protection Agency on American Samoa, aiding in the development of an education program on hazardous materials and pesti cides. Alysia has previous experience with environmen tal organizations, and she is currently pursuing a master's degree in community and regional planning at the UO.


Reed Perkins will be working with the Coastal Resources Management division of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands government helping to integrate geographic information systems technology into habitat conservation plans. Reed is currently a doctoral candidate at Oregon State University studying the effects of climate and watershed physiography on floods in the western Cascades. He is interested in this project because it provides an opportunity to explore a new part of the world, to share some of his knowledge in an applied setting, and to learn from his new colleagues. This assignment is the first the MSPP has assisted with in Saipan.


Returning Technical Assistant Kit Cottrell will be assisting the Pohnpei Department of Agriculture with the development of their agriculture master plan. Last summer Kit spent three months working on an agricultural development project in the Marshall Islands. This June, he will complete the requirements for a master's degree in community and regional planning. Kit intends to pursue a career in sustainable community development both at home and abroad.

Linda Rose, a third year MSPP returnee, will be working for the Pohnpei Department of Education assisting with development of the high school library program and a teachers' resource center. She has a Ph.D. in education and has worked many years as an educator in Oregon, California and Minnesota.

Another third year Technical Assistant with the MSPP, Eldon Haines will be helping to establish a database system for voter registration in collaboration with the Pohnpei State Election Commission. Eldon has programmed computers in support of his teaching, scientific and, business career for over 35 years and he is looking forward to participating in this new project.

Dona Miller is traveling to Pohnpei as a member of the land use planning team working with the State Department of Land. She brings a diverse educational background and wide range of experience to the project. Dona has degrees in electronic engineering, international business, and public planning and policy, and she has worked in both the public and private sectors. Currently, Dona is enrolled in the UO community and regional planning graduate program. Her special interest is in small community development and citizen participation within communities.

Returning Technical Assistant and current technical support person for the MSPP, Clint Chiavarini will work with Dona at the Department of Land on Pohnpei to implement the Pohnpei State Land Use Plan which was developed with the aid of other Technical Assistants last year. Clint will graduate in June from the UO with a master's degree in community and regional planning. In past years he has been a Technical Assistant for the Kosrae State Department of Public Works and the Republic of Palau Division of Conservation and Entomology.

Jeffrey Jane Knoche will be assisting the Division of Historic Preservation and Cultural Affairs on Pohnpei with the administration and exhibit design of a new center for maritime history. Originally from Maryland, Jeffrey was a graphic designer for 12 years before moving to Eugene to pursue a graduate degree. Jeffrey is completing her coursework in arts and administration with a concentration in museum studies.


Returning Technical Assistant Peg Butler Murtagh is a graduate student in landscape architecture at the UO. She will be assisting Palau Community College with their ongoing landscape plan, including site drainage and a mangrove interpretation area. Her interests include sustainable community design and education. Last sum mer Peg worked with the Environmental Protection Agency on Pohnpei, dealing with issues of solid waste management, focusing on issues of waste reduction and reuse.

Lance Gatchell is finishing up a master of science degree in groundwa ter engineering at Oregon State University. He will be working with the Palau Environmental Quality Protection Board, assisting with the prepara tion of maps to delineate water quality classification zones that correspond to Palau's marine and fresh water quality standards.

Kristen Taylor, a staff member with the MSPP, will be assisting the Palau Housing Authority next January to develop a consolidated plan for community housing to be submitted to the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Kristen is currently a graduate student in community and regional planning at the UO. She re ceived her undergraduate degree in architecture and has many years of experience in the field of architecture and community development.

In June, Trish Wilson will be traveling to Palau to assist in the development of a comprehensive agriculture and forestry plan for the Division of Agriculture and Mineral Resources. Trish is a graduate student in community and regional plan ning at the UO, with a bachelor's degree in forestry and resource management. She has worked for the US Forest Service and is currently employed by the US Bureau of Land Management.

Terri Harding will be traveling to Palau to work with the Palau Visitors Authority on an ecotourism assessment project. Terri is a master's candidate in community and regional planning. This project offers Terri an opportunity to combine her experience in tourism market analysis and environmental impact assessment to help determine the potential for ecotourism on Palau.


Returning Technical Assistant Jean D'Agostino will be working with the Yap Division of Manpower Development & Employment Services to assist with the implementation of a comprehensive manpower plan for the state. In 1994, Jean was a Technical Assistant with the Pohnpei Division of Marine Resources in coastal resources planning. Since then she has received her master's degree in community and regional planning from the UO. Currently, Jean is working in Tillamook County, Oregon with two local watershed coun cils on public outreach and education projects concerning water quality issues.

Jason Kruckeberg, a returning Technical Assistant, is a planner for the Tillamook Bay National Estuary Project in Garibaldi, Oregon. In August, Jason will begin working with the Office of Planning and Budget on Yap, collaborat ing with his counterpart to develop a uniform building code for Yap State. Jason received a master's degree in community and regional planning from the UO last year. In 1994, he was a Technical Assistant with the Palau Visitors Au thority.

Françoise Bodone will be assisting the Yap Historic Preservation Office with their multi-year Cultural and Historic Preservation Plan. Françoise is pursuing her Ph.D. in educational policy and management. In 1995, she obtained master's degrees in international studies and urban and regional planning at the UO. Françoise is interested in the introduction and preservation of regional and non-traditional cultures in mainstream educa tional curricula to honor the richness and potential for diversity.


The Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority will receive assistance from Lynn Rosentrater on an aquaculture feasibility study. As part of the project, Lynn and her counterpart will travel to Mejit and Lib atolls to sample and survey lakes which are possible sites for aquaculture projects to generate local income and food supplies. Recently, Lynn completed her master's degree in geography at the UO. She has spent many summers in the field surveying forest and wetland habitats.

Deb Burke will be assisting the College of the Marshall Islands in Majuro with development of public education materials. Presently, Deb is working on a master's degree at Oregon State University in interdisciplinary studies with a focus on anthropology and fisheries. She is especially interested in the association of community values with marine natural resources.

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