Geology of National Parks
Homework Assignment #4

In 750 words or less, summarize the geology (or an especially interesting aspect of the geology) of any national park unit in the United States not covered in detail in this course.  It helps to make use of photos or diagrams you come across in your research.  For more information and some helpful pointers, go to either of these sites: pointers on writing essays, suggestions for finding references.

Please do not write about either of the parks in the following list: --we've already covered them in too much detail in the lecture.
Arches NP
Crater Lake NP
Death Valley NP
Glacier NP
Grand Canyon NP
Grand Teton NP
Hawaii Volcanoes NP
Lassen Volcanic NP
Mount Rainier NP
Redwood NP
Yellowstone NP
Yosemite NP   (Kings Canyon or Sequoia are ok)
Zion NP

If you don't know where to start, I'd recommend looking at the book "Geology of National Parks" by Harris and Tuttle, which is on reserve for this class in the science library.  The book has a chapter for every single national park in the US --and at the back of each chapter is a list of additional references.  Another good book to start is "Geology of US Parklands" by Harris and Kiver, which is in the reserve section in the Science Library.  I also have copies of these books, so you can borrow mine.

Also, try out the links page for our course!  The "general links" at the top of the page is probably the most useful section for this.

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