Some suggestions for obtaining references for your final paper--in this class or any other...

Most important!  Use one of the library Indexes--they'll provide a list of magazine and journal articles which pertain to your subject.  To use them, go to the UO library homepage to Janus.  Under "Indexes and Abstracts" click on "Science Indexes"--and from there, pick an index.  For many projects, I suggest using the index "Article first" in the General Science indexes--but others should also work well.  Once there, type in the topic you're interested in and... there you are!  Just make sure you narrow your subject enough so that you don't get TOO MANY hits!

Some other suggestions...
for those of you reporting on a National Park--as opposed to Monument or National Recreation Area, National Seashore, Lakeshore....--try starting with your textbook.  At the end of each chapter is a list of reference.   Also, the book "Geology of U.S. Parklands" by Kiver and Harris has information about all the National Parks and Monuments--also with references.  That book is in the reserve section in the science library.  Finally, the National Park Service has a geology web site: for that, click here.

For information on the web, first go to the site, Inside Geology  --it provides many links to all sorts of different geologic topics.

For the USGS site, click here.

Check back here for more ideas as they arise.   

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