Links for Geology of the National Parks

This site will grow throughout the quarter. 

General links

Geologylink --in conjunction with the textbook Geology, 2e by Chernicoff. A vast, well-organized clearinghouse of just about everything geological.

Geological Photographs. --index of photos on this website.

Geological Photographs --Geology photo website maintained by Marli Miller

National Park Service: general information for any NPS unit.

National Park Geology: a geology site put out by the NPS--check out the "Park Geology Tour".

National Park Service/USGS "Park Interpreter" Site --a growing site on geology of National Parks with the park interpreter in mind. Very informative with some useful links.

Geology of the National Parks: course taught by Bob Lillie at Oregon State University.  Emphasis on Plate Tectonics.  Much valuable information.

Geology of the National Parks: course taught at UC Santa Cruz. It's a great looking web page!

San Andreas fault. --an outstanding source by some noted experts.

GORP--Great Outdoor Recreation Pages--a lot of diverse and useful information about natural areas, including National Parks.

"About Geology".  --a very useful resource.  Includes many state geologic maps and a lot of great information.


Rocks and Minerals

Minerals --information about just about every mineral there is! Go to minerals "by name" and pick what you want to learn about.

Photos of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks --photos of outcrops

Photos of igneous rocks, textures, etc. --more photos.

Igneous Rocks --good photographs and information--by Dr. Pamela Gore at Georgia Perimeter College.



Volcanism and Cascades Volcanoes

Cascade Volcano Observatory (CVO)--US Geological Survey site --all sorts of information.

Mt. St. Helens--a USGS site. Information about all aspects of Mt. St. Helens.

Different types of volcanoes --From the CVO page. Good clear descriptions with photos.

Volcanoes --a huge warehouse of information on volcanoes from all over the world. Sponsored by Dartmouth.

Photos of volcanoes --and volcanic rocks by Marli Miller


Geologic Contacts

Photographs of contacts and the criteria used to distinguish between them.

Unconformities.  Photographs and description.

Photos of unconformities.  More photos --at higher resolutions than the last link.


Sierra Nevada

Roadside geology of Yosemite National Park--an informative site with some photos. By Garry Hayes of Modesto Junior College, California.

Geologic map of Yosemite National Park--put on line by Garry Hayes of Modesto Junior College.

Depositional Environments

Photos of Various Depositional Environments --most types, multiple images

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