Russian and American
Frontier and Imperialist Expansion:

Similarities and differences between the two pairs of keywords above,
with links to SAC & MAPS

Table of Contents =
Earliest epochs
Indigenous peoples
20th-century imperialism and World War One
World War Two
Cold War
Third World
New World Order
Bibliography of General Works

RUSSIA [MAP | Moving MAP] Shared [MAP] [MAP] USA [MAP] [MAP]  
1223:1328; GOLDEN HORDE (Mongol [Tatar] Dominion) Russia as victim of frontier and imperialist expansion (EG= Mongol invasion) [MAP#1 | MAP#2]      
14th-16th centuries: Stroganov north
[a 9-hop LOOP] [MAP]
1580s:Yermak [Ermak] [MAP]
1600s: Voevody [a 9-jump LOOP] NB! = Siberian Prikaz & 1680s:Khabarov & freebooter voevody in Amur.R basin [MAP]
  1600s:[USA] Atlantic New World corporations and colonialist diaspora to "New World" [LOOP] [MAP]  
1689au27:Nerchinsk Treaty followed Russian  "bump" against China
[MAP#1 | | MAP#2 | MAP#3]
  USA "bumped" against remote powers
[MAP] [MAP] =
1760s: England (involving native Americans)
1803:France  below
1867:Russia below (column 2)
1898:Spain below
Canal project, linking Volga and Don rivers
(3-hop LOOP)
1780:Russian Empress Catherine II aided USA rebels with "League of Armed Neutrality" 1776:1812; USA Revolutionary consolidation
vs. England
1741:1867; Russian America: Intense "shared history" of frontier/imperialist expansion began
1815:1817; Hawaiian episode
1799my08:Russian America Co. founded [9-hop LOOP]
1803ap30:USA made Louisiana Purchase
from France [MAP]
1820s:1860s; Central Asia lured Russia away from the New World [MAP] 1823de02:USA issued "Monroe Doctrine" [MAP] 1825:Erie Canal project  
  Fort Ross CA
[pix] [pix] [MAP] [W]
  1853:+; Manchuria, China & Japan [MAP] | Putiatin LOOP involves USA 1846:1870s; USA War with Mexico [MAP]  


Indigenous Peoples =

E. Siberian Bashkirs [13-hop LOOP, nearly 2 centuries] 1770s & 1870s+: Mennonites
1770s+: Jewish "national minorities"
Native Americans in Eastern USA [MAP] Western USA [MAP]
USA indigenous Native Americans from 1675 to 1870s (about 2 centuries). including =
  1831+: International grain trade LOOP East-coast indigenous peoples, Cherokees  
Chechen/Ingush [LOOP] 1856+: USA waged war on Great Plains Native Americans  
  1867:Russia sold Alaska to USA| Native peoples of Alaska [MAP]    
Violent anti-semitism [ID]   Violent racism [ID]  

The era of "high imperialism" & World War One [WW1]:

Russia Shared [Read the  general web page devoted to imperialism down to the "Outline Chronology"] USA
1877:1879; Russo-Turkish War [MAP]
Can you link Russo-Turkish War & Berlin Congress with the shared experiences accounted in the next table cell? =>
Wheat zones, USA
Wheat zones, Russia
Global petroleum industry
Economic Modernization [Phase Two]
1891:1903; Trans-Siberian railroad completed [MAP] 1896:1898; USA in Spanish-American War;  
1904:1905; Russo-Japanese War
[MAP#1 | [MAP#2]
1898:1905; US imperialism [11-hop LOOP to the end of the Russo-Japanese War [MAP]    
1914au01:1918no11; World War One: [MAP]
Three fronts expand WW1 chronology =
1a = 1912:1918+; Southern Front [LOOP], including
1b = 1918:1920; Allied military intervention in revolutionary Russia
2 = 1914:1917; Eastern Front
3 = 1914:1918; Western Front
1917:1918; USA joined war on the Western Front in its final 18 mos., then joined allied intervention in Russian Revolution  
  LOOPS = League of Nations vs. the Comintern 1918:1933; USA Inter-war isolation (from Europe)  
USSR & internal colonization: the Gulag system 1933no:USA granted diplomatic recognition to USSR    


World War Two [WW2]
Economic Modernization [Phase Three]
  In Europe [MAP] In the Pacific [MAP]  
*--Precipitating events =
Japanese Empire invaded China
  Hitler Germany turned toward Eastern Europe    
*--Four phases of WW2 =
1a = Hitler settled with USSR and took western Poland
USSR and Lithuania took eastern Poland
1b = Hitler then turned against Western Europe    
2a = Hitler swiftly defeated and occupied Western Europe, then
Sent forces against the USSR
2b = Mediterranean front protected British and French colonial possessions    
3 = Japanese Empire attacked USA (Pacific Front of WW2)  
4 = Western front revived    
1945au06:USSR declared war on Japan
USSR withdrew from Manchuria and Western China
USSR withdrew from Austria
*--Wartime agreements =
* Lend-Lease Act
* Atlantic Charter
* "Big Three" met before USA directly involved in WW2
* Early promises of a second front
* Casablanca Conf.
* Moscow "four power declaration"
* Teheran Conference
* Cairo Conference
* Yalta Conference
* Potsdam Conference at end of the European war
* Final efforts at comprehensive diplomatic solutions


Cold War =
Northern hemisphere map
World at end of WW2 map

  From destruction to recovery = Europe in ruins

*1945se:1949je; Allied Council of Foreign Ministers tried, and failed, to avoid global conflict in the post-WW2 era [LOOP]
== Strategic visions == == Strategic visions == == Strategic visions ==
USSR Ambassador Nikolai Novikov * Alva Myrdal (a global vision)
* Charles de Gaulle (a French view)
* Kwame Nkrumah (African "Third World" view)
* J-J. Servan-Schreiber (European dissent)
USA Ambassador George Frost Kennan
USA National Security Council and Paul Nitze
Hans J.Morgenthau
* Churchill's "Iron Curtain" speech
* "Truman Doctrine"
* USA National Security Act
* LOOP on Military-industrial complex

* Narrative extension =
Military-industrial complex
Marshall Plan  
  *--Lost Chances to End It =
* Death of Stalin & election of Eisenhower
* 1955jy:Geneva "Four-Power" Conference

*--European front =
* Czechoslovakia
* Cominform
* Berlin Blockade
* 1948de:Polish politics under Soviet control
* "ComEcon"
* European Coal and Steel Community
* Germany into NATO
* Federal Republic of "West Germany"
* Warsaw Pact
* Conjunction of events = Egypt & Hungary

* 1957:USSR-China
* Afghanistan
*--"Third World"
* Theoretical views

*--Asian front =
* Chinese Revolution
* Indonesia
* Korea
*--Four WaP maps explain  Middle East chaos [ E-TXT]
* Bandung Conference
* Afghanistan

* Atomic Bomb
* Vietnam

  *--Other fronts =
* Iran
* Algerian Revolution

* Cuban Missile Crisis

* Home front dissent

* The OAS
* 1954:Guatemala

New World Order? =

* Soviet Perestroika
1989:1992; USSR collapse [MAP]
* European Union
* GLOBALIZATION, according to Walker
1992+: USA "victory" in the era of the "New World Order [Disorder]"?  
Russian struggles in Chechnya

2004se10:Beslan school attack

1990s+: Russia and USA, both targets of "terrorism" [ID], introduce significant institutional changes in order to deal with terrorism  (6-hop LOOP) 2001se11:Terrorist attacks on USA targets
"War on terrorism" [6-paragraph ID]
as a variety of "total war" [ID]
Review article on Iraq and the "New World Order"

New World Order =
Most Recent Events
*2013+:Ukraine Crisis


*--Russia and the wider world in historical perspective : Essays for Paul Dukes