Lecture Notes:

Intelligence (week 1)

Thinking styles (week 1)

Creative Circumplex (week 2)

Halpern CT Framework (week 2)

Verbal Analysis Skills, Halpern (week 2)

How to analyze an argument, Halpern (week 3)

Visit the web site of Bruce Holland Rogers, fiction writer (week 3)

The three kinds of thinking, (group project topics) (week 4)

Multiple Intelligences and the brain (week 4)

Emotional Intelligence brain pathways (week 5)

Links to brain sites on the web (week 5)

Visual thinking, (art, cartoon, graphs) (week 5)

Short paper #3 --some more comments and details. Note the change in absolute deadline for accepting late papers. (week 8)

Dealing with Group Project Data (visual & numerical results, evaluating reliability and validity (week 9)