Short paper #3: THINK! THINK! Becoming more mindful in the socio-emotional realm

Project: Identify a problem in managing *yourself* OR *your relationship with others* that is exacerbated by flawed thinking or failure to think (mindlessness).

NOTE: If you analyze relationshiops with others, you may describe flawed thinking by BOTH yourself and the other person(s). But you MUST analyze your own thinking. See CT for lots of "flawed thinking" examples. However, you may also identify thinking problems that are NOT covered in CT

Over the course of at least a week, make a conscious effort to become more mindful and thoughtful about this issue, and keep a written record of your efforts and the outcome of these efforts.

NOTE: Need to get started right away! Peer editing of SP#3 will occur on Monday Nov. 23. Bring two copies of your draft

Your paper will (1) describe the problem and the contribution of poor thinking, being *as specific as possible* about the flaws in your thinking [and--optional--the thinking of others, if relevant]. It will then (2) report on your attempts to change things through greater mindfulness, and (3) analyze the success or failure of your efforts. Close the paper by (4) identifying another problem situation that you might improve by applying a similar approach.

NOTE: Efforts don't need to be successful for this to be a good paper. If you feel your efforts were a FAILURE, then in part (4), suggest a different strategy that you might try to solve the SAME problem (since it wouldn't make sense to apply a useless approach to a different problem.).

Note: Don't turn in your written day-to-day record of efforts. This is raw material for your paper.

DEADLINE: Turn in to Barb in class, Wed, Nov 25, or to the main psychology office (Straub 131) to put in Barb Carini's box by 3 PM latest. If you do this, be sure to write clearly on the front of the paper "put in Barb Carini's mailbox." Late papers have an automatic 5-point deduction (out of 30 points).

*No papers accepted after Monday Nov. 30 class time* (grade = 0). [This deadline changed from original syllabus.]