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Topology/Geometry Zoom Seminar

Fall 2022, Winter-Spring 2023

Organizers: Boris Botvinnik (University of Oregon) and Catherine Searle (Wichita State University)

Schedule for Summer-Fall 2020, Winter-Spring 2021

Schedule for Summer-Fall 2021, Winter-Spring 2022

Date Speaker Title
October 4, 2022
9 am PT
David Wraith
National University of Ireland Maynooth
Intermediate curvatures and Gromov's Betti number bound
October 11, 2022,
9 am PT
Leonardo Francisco Cavenaghi
Universidade de São Paulo (USP)
Fat bundles and positively curved submersions
October 18, 2022,
9 am PT
Rafael Torres
Positive biorthogonal curvature in dimension five
October 25, 2022,
9 am PT
Daniel Grady
Wichita State University
The geometric cobordism hypothesis
November 1, 2022,
9 am PT
Erin Griffin
Seattle Pacific University
Examining Non-Compact Ambient Obstruction Solitons
November 8, 2022,
9 am PT
Demetre Kazaras
Duke University
The positive mass theorem, comparison geometry, and spacetime harmonic functions
November 15, 2022,
9 am PST
Julius Baldauf
Harmonic spinors in the Ricci flow
November 22, 2022,
9 am PT
Thanksgiving break
November 29, 2022,
9 am PT
Isabel Beach
University of Toronto
The Length of a Shortest Closed Geodesic on a Surface of Finite Area
December 6, 2022,
9 am PT
Ilaria Mondello
Universitè de Paris Est Crèteil
Gromov-Hausdorff limits of manifolds with a Kato bound on the Ricci curvature
December 13, 2022,
9 am PT
No Seminar
January 3, 2022,
9 am PT
No Seminar
January 10, 2022,
9 am PT
Aleksandar Milivojević
Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Bonn
Approaching Hirzebruch's prize question via rational surgery
January 17, 2023,
9 am PT
Simone Cecchini
Texas A & M University
Lipschitz rigidity for scalar curvature
January 24, 2023,
9 am PT
Masoumeh Zarei
Mathematics Institute, Münster
Intermidiate Ricci, homotopy, and submanifolds of symmetric spaces.
January 31, 2023,
9 am PT
Sergio Zamora
Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Bonn
The lower semi-continuity of a fundamental group and nilpotent structures in persistence.
February 7, 2023,
9 am PT
Herng Yi Cheng
University of Toronto
Index-zero closed geodesics and stable geodesic nets in convex hypersurfaces
February 14, 2023,
9 am PT
Karen Butt
University of Michigan
Quantitative marked length spectrum rigidity
February 21, 2023,
9 am PT
Philipp Reiser
University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Positive intermediate Ricci curvature on fibre bundles
February 28, 2023,
9 am PT
Mcfeely Jackson Goodman
UC Berkeley
Curvature operators and rational cobordism
March 7, 2023,
9 am PT
Darya Sukhorebska
B. Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of NAS of Ukraine
Simple closed geodesics on tetrahedra in spaces of constant curvature
March 14, 2023,
9 am PT

March 21, 2023,
9 am PT
Spring break
March 28, 2023,
9 am PT
Mary Sandoval
Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut
Orbifold Singularities and Orbifold Length Spectra
April 4, 2023,
9 am PT
No Seminar
April 11, 2023,
9 am PT
No Seminar
April 18, 2023,
9 am PT
No Seminar
April 25, 2023,
9 am PT
Keith Mills
University of Maryland
Almost complex structures on homotopy complex projective spaces
May 2, 2023,
9 am PT
Jiahao Hu
Stony Brook University
Algebraic properties of the four components of the exterior differential d on almost complex manifolds
May 9, 2023,
9 am PT
No Seminar
May 16, 2023,
9 am PT
Mohammed L. Labbi;
University of Bahrain
On a stratification of positive scalar curvature compact manifolds
May 23, 2023,
9 am PT
No Seminar
May 30, 2023,
9 am PT
Alberto Rodríguez Vázquez
KU Leuven, Netherlands
Totally geodesic submanifolds and Hopf fibrations
June 6, 2023,
9 am PT
Michael Wiemeler
Mathematics Institute, Münster
On 10-dimensional positively curved manifolds with isometric actions of 3-dimensional tori