This site presents a collection of economic data, reports, and working
papers relating to the Oregon economy. This information is provided to
assist decision makers and researchers evaluate the economic impacts of
certain sectors and industries on the state's economy. The focus of this
information is Oregon's agricultural sector. Funds for this project were 
provided by a US Department of Agriculture Cooperative State Research, 
Education, and Extension Service special grant awarded through the 
Oregon State University Agricultural Trade and Marketing Program (ATMP). 
The preliminary data and reports have been collected from various sources 
and organized by Dr. Ali Emami, principal investigator and faculty member
of the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at OSU.

Please contact Ali Emami with questions regarding data analysis, economic 
reports, and other technical aspects. For information regarding the 
website, contact Bob Thompson.  
Authors are not responsible for misinterpretation of the data.

An Overview of the Oregon Economy
Oregon Gross State Product (GSP)
Oregon's Employment and Payroll by Industry and sectors for 1995

Oregon Trade with the rest of the World (to foreign Countries)

Oregon Exports by Product, for years 1989 to 1995

Exports by Product, by Economic and Geographic Region

Comparative Values of Exports Across these Regions

Oregon Competitiveness by Industy relative to the US and the Pacific Northwest.

Oregon Agriculture, Wood and High-tech Sectors, Value-added Performances

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