University of Oregon - Department of Architecture - ARCH 424/524 Cheng - Advanced Design Development Media

Assignments Summary

Students will experiment in class and then develop projects outside of class. Prior to each class, students need to upload work in progress into a Web directory named:


The term's work will be summarized into an interactive Web page for the final assignment. Assignments are planned to maximize in-class sharing, so timely hand-ins are important. The short descriptions listed below are preliminary and subject to revision. 

1 Storefront Window

After practicing on the display of beach balls, simulate advertising images by showcasing an object in a storefront window. To develop control in using textures, views and lighting to shape a powerful composition.

2 Modeling Variations

Working from a photo or painting of a daylit space, first create an abstract model. Next, explore design variations through geometric transformations, parametric variations and substitution of elements and rhythms. Finally, select one of the variations and refine it for Assignment 3. Suggested subject: skylights by Aalto.

3 Lighting Studies

Develop at least three lighting studies of a room: a daylit room, a electrically lit room and an alternate with different interior finishes.

4 Artistic Interpretation

Express the essential qualities of a space by using photocollage and hybrid media to create a personal interpretation. Develop skill in using combining media to tell a story or make a convincing argument.

5 Web Presentation

Using modeling, rendering and animation, describe a current or former studio project. Create an interactive website that displays this project along with other digital work for the term. Package your site to accompany a verbal presentation. Explore how interactivity can reinforce architectural presentations