Assignment 3: Rendering

Night view of Academy of World Music, terminal project by Matthew Eastwood

"I have no color applied on the walls in my home. I wouldn't want to disturb the wonder of natural light. The light really does make the room. The changing light according to the time of day and the seasons of the year gives color" (p. 28).
--Louis Kahn as quoted by Marietta Millet in Light Revealing Architecture


  • Technical: Examine methods for creating and presenting lighting visualizations
  • Content: Examine how lighting transforms space

1) Work-in-progress collaboration

a) By Friday, examine two classmates work in progress and e-mail a paragraph or two to the authors, cc'ing to katalin@gladstone and nywc@darkwing. Identify the achievements to date and suggest strategies for further development of the model. Consider questions such as:

  • What critical components should be added to the model?
  • Which views are the most descriptive?
  • How could the rendering be improved?
Print out one of the images and mark it up with suggestions.

2) Lighting study:

Complete the first two Learning Lightscape tutorials, then develop at least three lighting scenarios for your interior: a daylit room, a electrically lit room and an alternate with different interior finishes. Show how you can change the character of the space through manipulation of the light sources, materials, shadows and views.

Show at least 2 views of each version (min total 6 images). Develop more detail in your model to suit your key views. Display the final images with thumbnails of work in progress so they tell a story about the lighting.

For the ambitious:

 Complete Learning Lightscape tutorial 3 and create an animated walkthrough of your project.


Scan drawings and textures to use as texture maps with alpha channels.  Use the texture maps with transparency and bump to create surrealistic environments.


Experiment with drawing, painting, or collaging over wireframe, polygonal or photorealistic renderings. Compare Photoshop techniques with printing onto different paper and using traditional media.

  • Hand out: Wednesday, Jan 30
  • Review and e-mail feedback: Friday, Feb 1
  • Lighting study draft: Monday Feb 4
  • Lighting study final 1 version: Wednesday Feb 6
  • Lighting study final 3 versions: Mon February 11