Watercolor collage by nywc

Assignment 4: Artistic Interpretation


To develop skill in using combining media to tell a story or make a convincing argument.

Express the essential qualities of a space by using mixed media to create a personal interpretation. Is there a magic detail or way that the light falls in the space?  Would people moving through the room leave a shadow? Think about what you can't show with 3D modeling and consider how collaging in hand methods could add the ephemeral qualities. Since sketches trace the human gesture and photos bring in the serendipity of nature, they can enrich the spare aesthetic of computer drawings. NOTE: for this assignment, you don't have be "realistic". Consider how you can be draw out an emotional response: create something fanciful or magical drawing on your imagination. Include text for evocative phrases, labels or descriptions.

CREATE 2 products, 1) of your lighting project and 2) of the Eugene residence of the Mann-Zelaya household (917 Tiara), using either or both of the following methods:

A) ONLINE IMAGE:  Scanned sketches and photos: draw or paint images or textures that could enrich your work.  Use Image mapping and Photoshop to mix 3D forms and 2D images in an evocative way.

B) HARDCOPY ARTIFACT: Work over your computer printouts with colored pencils, markers, pastels, pasted additions, etc. Experiment with how the spare computer marks can be supplemented with hand manipulations to create a thing of beauty.  We'll be setting up a 11 x 17 printer in 204 Pacific for this project.

If you have trouble thinking of ideas, you can consider doing a form of last year's assignment.


For Wednesday, Feb. 13: Create an online or hardcopy artistic interpretation of your Assignment 3 building

For Monday Feb. 18: Create an artistic interpretation of the Mann-Zelaya house.


Uddin, M. Saleh, Hybrid Drawings - AAA Reserve

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Bermudez, Julio and Bennett Neiman's Digital/Analog Studio

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