Report by Senate President Gilkey 29 March 2000
  1. Notice of motion has been received concerning motions:
    1. US9900-9 motion to recommend promulagation of a new UO Policy statement regarding Statement of University of Oregon Community Values. Action anticipated at the 12 April 2000 meeting of the Senate
    2. US9900-11 Motion to update the award of the Distinguished Service Committee. Report from the Senate Rules Committee received 7 April 2000. Action anticipated at the 12 April 2000 meeting of the UO Senate.
    3. Various motions dealing with Committee Structures from the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Committee Structures; see also interim report. Action anticipated at the 10 May 2000 meeting of the UO Senate.
  2. The meeting today deals with four resolutions concerning budgetary matters. After consultation with the FAC and with the Senate Executive Committee, I suggest the Senate meeting be structured as follows. First, I will ask Wayne Westling of the Senate Budget Committee to make a brief presentation. Second, I will ask Greg McLaughlan (sponsor of US9900-7) to make a brief presentation. From then until approximately 1615, the Senate will discuss the material related to the four resolutions before the Senate. I recall to you the fact that Article 6.2 of the Senate Charter States: ``All members of the University Assembly shall have the right to introduce legislation and shall have the right to the floor on any matter under discussion in the University Senate.'' I propose that we do not introduce motions, resolutions, or amendments  during this time. At 1615 (or earlier if discussion seems to have ended), I will then ask the Senate to consider the 4 resolutions seriatum:
    1. (1615) US9900-12 Resolution to endorse the statement of principles from the Senate Budget Committee.
    2. (1625) US9900-13 Resolution to approve the final version of the Senate Budget Committee White Paper.
    3. (1635) US9900-14 Resolution to approve the document from the Senate Budget Committee regarding implementation.
    4. (1645) US9900-7 Resolution regarding COLA.

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