15 March 2000

The long-standing tradition of academic excellence at the University of Oregon has its basis in its distinguished faculty. Faculty are chosen and retained from an international candidate pool on their ability to produce superior scholarship in their chosen fields, to be outstanding teachers at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and to assist in the day-to-day affairs of the University through service on committees. The vast majority of instructional faculty fulfill these criteria with distinction and consistently maintain high levels of performance over many years.

To maintain the quality of our instructional faculty, it is essential that faculty remuneration and other academic support are maintained at levels that will promote faculty scholarship, encourage faculty retention, and help us to sustain and improve academic quality. The following principles are presented as a means of achieving these goals, which underpin our primary institutional aspiration of academic excellence in all fields.

This document will be presented to the UO Senate at the 29 March 2000 meeting as resolution US9900-12 Related Web Pages:
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