AgendaUO Senate 1999-2000

29 March 2000 (Special Meeting)

177 Lawrence 1500-1700

This meeting of the UO University Senate will address the reports of the Senate Budget Committee regarding budgetary issues and a cost of living adjustment (COLA) resolution

  1. (1500) Call to order
  2. (1510) State of the University
    1. (1510) Brief report by Senate President Gilkey
    2. (1525) Communications from the floor
  1. (1530) Report by the Senate Budget Committee
    1. (1545) US9900-12 Resolution to endorse the statement of principles from the Senate Budget Committee.
    2. (1600) US9900-13 Resolution to approve the final version of the Senate Budget Committee White Paper.
    3. (1615) US9900-14 Resolution to approve the document from the Senate Budget Committee regarding implementation.
  2. (1630) Consideration of US9900-7 Resolution regarding COLA. Sponsored by Senator Greg McLauchlan (Sociology) email:, Suzanne Clark (English) email:, and Randall McGowen (History) email: See Report of the Senate Rules Committee
  3. (1700) Adjourn

For further information, see the University Senate web page All members of the University Assembly are welcome at senate meetings and have the right to the floor on any matter under discussion. UO Senate President Gilkey has called a special meeting of the Senate for 29 March 2000 as there is some urgency about the Final report of the SBC and the COLA resolution as the Deans and Department heads need as much time as possible to work on the November Salary Raises.
Senate President Peter B. Gilkey email:

Senate Secretary Gwen Steigelman email:
Senate Vice President James Earl, English, Vice President, email:
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