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RE: starship-design: How to build a station.

> N. Lindberg wrote:
> >
> > What's a monergol?
> Well, i don't know if the word exists in English, but in
> French, it's a
> propellant that burn by itself(no need for an external source of O2,
> etc)... Hydrazine would be an example, i think...
> --

Ahh, he does mean monopropellant, of which Hydrazine is NOT an example. All
monopropellants are solids and almost have to be by definition, and
therefore are not suitable for scramjets, ramjets, etc. If, on the other
hand, you are referring to hypergolic propellants (say explosives), I would
advise against them. They are volatile and tricky to handle. The Federal
government doesn't even allow transport of the components within fifty miles
of each other.