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Re: starship-design: How to build a station.

L. Parker wrote:
> Ahh, he does mean monopropellant, of which Hydrazine is NOT an example. All
> monopropellants are solids and almost have to be by definition, and
> therefore are not suitable for scramjets, ramjets, etc. If, on the other
> hand, you are referring to hypergolic propellants (say explosives), I would
> advise against them. They are volatile and tricky to handle. The Federal
> government doesn't even allow transport of the components within fifty miles
> of each other.
Alright... i didn't say that it was to be used in a XYZjet as a
propellant; i said that a french missile is using solid rocket fuel to
accelerate itself until it's fast enough to run in scramjet mode...
Basically, it fills the scramjet with solid fuel, and when the fuel is
all used up, claps open to let air get through, and scramjet mode
i don't know the name of the missile, but it must be from Matra, since
every French missile come from them(or almost)...
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