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Re: RE: starship-design: FTL travel

In a message dated 4/19/00 8:48:13 PM, lparker@cacaphony.net writes:

>> >  Has anybody even considered it? Living areas require volume
>> >  construction, and that type of construction has to be done some
>> >  time in space. You get me into space and I will prove that one man
>> >  could do it.
>Yep, considering it right now....
>> Unless your building something huge its a wast of time.
>Nope, you can prefab small too.

Can doesn't mean its a good idea.

>> Easier to prefab it
>> in major parts, and launch and dock the parts.  Far easier.
>Nope, mine it, smelt it and manufacture it in space, the only launch costs
>art for initial equipment boost, personnel rotation and consumables.
>Boosting prefab housing or anything else is just perpetuating the problem.
>We NEED the industry in orbit, not on the ground.

Chose the best system for the project not the project to promote your agenda. 
 Dson't think like a advocate.  You couldn't possible mine, smelt, and 
manufacture most of what you'ld need - certainly not for less launch mass 
then a reasonably sized station.   Why do we NEED industry in orbit?  If the 
answer is you feel industry in orbit is important, go to jail, do not collect 
$200.  You need to bepractical and profitable.  Launching the material from 
earth for initial projects would be far more cost effective and safe.  Most 
you couldn't make in space anyway.  At least you exercise the launcher and 
save some serious bucks.

>> If you want something office building sized you could inflate
>> a structure
>> that size, or larger and asemble it in it.  Harder though.
>If you want something office building size, you tow a convenient asteroid
>into position and hollow it out.

Asteroids an't thought to be solid.  Best bet is sticky ruble piles.

>> >The earth sucks... no law of gravity. You are right there.
>> The system as
>> >I see
>> >it does not provide a system that would let small companies develop
>> >space transportation. I build a personal space/plane but can't get a
>> >permit
>> >to test or fly it.
>> Sure you can.  Several groups are doing so now.  FAA is
>> working to adapt
>> their rules for comercial space plane dev now.
>They are working on the RULES just as Kelly says. Right now, at this very
>moment, you can launch your space plane. You cannot return it to American
>air space however. Now if you launched it from here and landed it somewhere
>else....well anyway, they are working on changing the rules so that entities
>besides NASA can return a spacecraft to American soil.

I though congress changed that law last year?

Oh, folks are also working on the space planes themselves.