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Re: starship-design: Re: FTL travel

STAR1SHIP@aol.com writes:
 > quoting  (I bolded the original text for emphasis)
 > Albert Einstein from the 
 > link  <A 
 > HREF="http://www4.district125.k12.il.us/faculty/bsparaci/sr/Einstein.html">Ein
 > stein</A> 
 > quote----
 > Some people called me amazing. I was born in Germany in the year 1879. I went 
 > to the United States in the 1930s. I developed the important theories of 
 > relativity. The famous equation E=MC^2 led to the development of nuclear 
 > fission and eventually the atomic bomb. My reason for inventing the atomic 
 > bomb, was because the  received evidence that Germany (my native country) was 
 > planning to build an atomic bomb. They were going to use it against the 
 > United States. The atomic bomb was made in the U.S. and in 1945 the United 
 > States used the atomic bomb. They used it in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. While I 
 > was attending college Marcel Grossman, a classmate, said, "This Einstein will 
 > one day be a very great man." Marcel Grossman was right.
 > End partial quote ------

Let's look at the page at:


---begin quote---
This web site was created by Dan and Bobby. 

The Scientific Revolution is an exciting time in the history of
mankind. It is a time in which many people looked away from the church
and towards logic and objectivity for the answers to their most
fundamental questions about life, death, and the universe. It was, and
still is, a time of great upheavals in the way men and women live their
lives. The Scientific Age is an interesting time to be alive, because of
great strides that are made in technology and knowledge at a rapid
pace. It can be expected that the Scientific Revolution will face many
of the same problems in the future as it has in the past, such as
resistance to change, outdated modes of thought, and personal blind
spots. We hope that this web page will enlighten you to the mystery and
excitement of The Scientific Revolution.

We have compiled reports on several scientists. Click the names to view them.

Isaac Newton
Galileo Galilei 
Rene Descartes
Francis Bacon
Albert Einstein
Grace Hopper
---end quote--

Your quote is what a couple of students wrote in their report about
Einstein, not Einstein's own words.