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Re: starship-design: Re: FTL travel

In a message dated 4/6/00 8:02:17 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
stevev@darkwing.uoregon.edu writes:

>  Your quote is what a couple of students wrote in their report about
>  Einstein, not Einstein's own words.

Nonsense. Those students were probably not born when I read in 1963 Einsteins 
own words in his signed near deathbed confession of 1955.  Proven by the 
copyright date on my report of 1988 stating Einstein invented the bomb as the 
quote says.  Another of your unsubstantiated claims falls with elementary 
examination.  My report was filed with the government disclosure document 
program in 1989. They (patent office)will send you a copy of the original 
filing for 25 cents per page (18 total) if you give them the diclosure 
document number from:


Indexda.htm(l) to read it free as it was later revised from text to web page 

I suspect, you will not read it as I said before you have no interest in 
verifying any thing that might contradict the nonsense you teach. The game 
you play is simple. You state as fact your theory (unsubstantiated claim), 
and let any one stating facts proving otherwise do all the proof work of 
documentation. I do not play your game. Get off your pedastal lazy and do 
some real working research :=). 

Begin here:

Checking my math.
if E(kinteic)=1/2MV^2
and E=MC^2

then 1/2MV^2=E(kinetic)=E=MC^2 

The energy required to send 100 tons of propellant at 1/10 light speed is 
said at
E(kinetic)=1/2[100 tons times (c/10)^2] 
E(kinetic)=1/2(100 tons times c^2/100)
To find the amount of Mass to be converted to the required energy
E=MC^2 solving for M is
therefore replacing E with calculated E(kinetic) of 1/2(100 tons times 
M= [1/2(100 tons times c^2/100)]/C^2 and clearing first then second 
M= 100 tons times c^2/200C^2 and canceling C^2 therefore
M=100/200 tons or
M= 1/2 ton of matter to convert to energy to propel 100 tons of propellant to 
1/10 light speed.

>From MeVe=MpVp
since 1/2 ton is converted then only 99.5 tons of propellant reach 1/10 light 
so for a five ton payload the payload velocity calculates to be
Vp=MeVe/Mp placing the calculations in to solve
Vp=99.5 tons times 1/10 C/5 tons solves to
Vp=9.95C/5 solves to
Vp=1.99 C

Profession- High Speed, High Energy Physics