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Re: starship-design: Re: FTL travel

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> Tom I have not written before as I haven't had a lot to say, What I have to
>  say is simple and to the point put up or shut up. You quote these credible
>  sources over and over again if they are so credible then tell me where I
>  can find them, 

Hi, Jeff ,
You must of missed the previous post listing the source quotes. The below 
quote (click on blue Einstein link) was provided. It matched the near death 
bed confession of Albert Einstein I read in 1963.

quoting  (I bolded the original text for emphasis)
Albert Einstein from the 
link  <A 

Some people called me amazing. I was born in Germany in the year 1879. I went 
to the United States in the 1930s. I developed the important theories of 
relativity. The famous equation E=MC^2 led to the development of nuclear 
fission and eventually the atomic bomb. My reason for inventing the atomic 
bomb, was because the  received evidence that Germany (my native country) was 
planning to build an atomic bomb. They were going to use it against the 
United States. The atomic bomb was made in the U.S. and in 1945 the United 
States used the atomic bomb. They used it in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. While I 
was attending college Marcel Grossman, a classmate, said, "This Einstein will 
one day be a very great man." Marcel Grossman was right.

End partial quote ------

>You may be right but until I can read these sources and
>  determine their credibility they are meaningless to me. I believe that most
>  intelligent people think this way. 

I know I do. The only reason I took Einstein serious then is that what he 
said about how the atomic bomb worked matched what my uncle ( who put parts 
in the atomic bomb casings at Pantex) said to a coworker. I overheard from 
back seat of car at age six and thought it would be a handy thing to remember 
so I did.

 here is the next source quotes.

"Einstein, Albert." Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia (1994 ed.)

Kett, Joseph. The Dictionry of Cultural Literacy, Second edition, Revised and 
updated. 1993.

The American Heritage Dictionary of The English Language, Third Edition. 1992 

The next link I am providing you is quoting a women with a top secret 
clearance from the middle 1940's whose job was to compile for publication 
Einstein's information on how to build an atomic bomb. She states they failed 
to do so. 

He succeeded in early 1955, by finding a female author who took his 
dictated work, and waited (from fear) before publishing his work in 61 or 62 
as he had instructed to publish in juvenile book form to avoid the censors. 
That is book I read, and these are the links verifying.

Note! Einstein wrote very little he dictated most of work.

The link;
 <A HREF="http://www.sunone.com/news/articles/12-28-99h.shtml">Einstein 
fondly recalled by area woman</A> 

Partial quote---- 
  Tuesday, December 28, 1999

Einstein fondly recalled by area woman
Sun staff writer 
A former military enlistee who once did some typing for Albert Einstein was 
thrilled to hear that he had been named "Person of the Century" by Time 
magazine. She would like to read the article but the magazine is not sold in 
her home county in rural Florida except by subscription. 

"I already had him pegged -- to me he was the greatest person on this earth," 
said Jo Garland of rural Gilchrist County. Now 78 and a widow, Garland said 
her impression of Einstein when she was a young woman was that, "He was a 
sweet man." 

This week's Time magazine cover story is about the late scientific genius who 
won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1921, developed the theory of relativity 
and helped convince President Franklin D. Roosevelt to build the atom bomb. 

Garland had joined the WACs -- Women's Army Corps -- shortly after it was 
formed in 1943. She got a top secret security clearance and was sent to work 
with the Atomic Energy Commission. She had been working on the 59th floor of 
the Empire State Building handling various clerical duties when her 
supervisor asked for volunteers. 
Albert Einstein was named Person of the Century this week
by Time magazine.
Special to the Sun  

"They wanted us to do some typing for him (Einstein)," Garland said. "He 
wanted to put together what he knew about the atomic bomb in book form so he 
doled out what he wanted typed, and there was no way someone could put it all 
together after that." 

Garland said she and the other volunteer typists did their work for Einstein 
in another building a short walk from the Empire State. Security in the 
mid-1940s was much more lax than today's world of walk-through metal 
detectors and fingerprint recognition programs. 

"The security people would be standing outside the door, but they recognized 
all of us from the other (Empire State) office and so they would let us in," 
Garland said. 

Once at their typewriters, Garland remembered that the WACs got their 
instructions from a man in baggy clothing with unruly hair -- Einstein. 

"He would hand it (the day's work) to you and tell you what he wanted and he 
would tell us not to worry about punctuation or capitalization or anything 
right then," Garland said. "He wanted universities to be able to study how 
they had made the atom bomb and he said other people would do all that 

Garland recalled that she was one of about 10 typists who volunteered to work 
on Einstein's project, a task that took a couple of weeks

end partial quote----

> Also if you already have the patents as
>  you say you do then no one here can use them in any way, shape or form so
>  it won't (shouldn't) bother you to post your patented plans or some portion
>  of said patent.

Not so. You can ask for license with reason, and depending on the rights you 
seek the liscense fee can be as little as one dollar.

> Sorry Tom but there is no way you can wire CPU's to a
>  network board and magically have parallel processing with bat files, at
>  BEST what you made was a bastardized network not a super computer.  

Me thinks and uses CPU as it stands for the Central Processing Unit of a 
computer system. (the box the monitor keyboard, mouse etc are attached to. 
Not the CPU chip (like pentium 2) inside the box.

Again stated the first PC's were made from a parrelel processesing chip from 
a supercomputer that was attached by mother board to monitor, keyboard, trape 
drive and the operating system was reduced with many commands not used.

I knew this when I began construction of my super computer by wiring the 
CPU(towers cases and desktops) in parralel and expanding the operating system 
by adding more commands with bat and macro scripts (time delays for 
keystrokes establihing the timing and control programs) contained on the 
series CPU which became the system new true CPU. The super computer is as I 
described and performed as I stated and documented on my resume 
(unembelished) at my website. see bio.htm(l). Instead of making 
unsubstantiated claims of "no way" would it not be better to ask "how" I did 
>  you can point me to these credible sources or for that matter anyone I sure
>  wish you would drop it.

I did point but "You can lead a horse to w..."


Checking my math.
if E(kinteic)=1/2MV^2
and E=MC^2

then 1/2MV^2=E(kinetic)=E=MC^2 

The energy required to send 100 tons of propellant at 1/10 light speed is 
said at
E(kinetic)=1/2[100 tons times (c/10)^2] 
E(kinetic)=1/2(100 tons times c^2/100)
To find the amount of Mass to be converted to the required energy
E=MC^2 solving for M is
therefore replacing E with calculated E(kinetic) of 1/2(100 tons times 
M= [1/2(100 tons times c^2/100)]/C^2 and clearing first then second 
M= 100 tons times c^2/200C^2 and canceling C^2 therefore
M=100/200 tons or
M= 1/2 ton of matter to convert to energy to propel 100 tons of propellant to 
1/10 light speed.

>From MeVe=MpVp
since 1/2 ton is converted then only 99.5 tons of propellant reach 1/10 light 
so for a five ton payload the payload velocity calculates to be
Vp=MeVe/Mp placing the calculations in to solve
Vp=99.5 tons times 1/10 C/5 tons solves to
Vp=9.95C/5 solves to
Vp=1.99 C

Profession- High Speed, High Energy Physics