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Re: starship-design: query.Opps

In a message dated 4/6/00 5:53:18 PM Pacific Daylight Time, STAR1SHIP writes:

> n a message dated 4/5/00 12:13:27 PM Pacific Daylight Time, nlindber@u.
> washington.edu writes:
>  > Can anyone send me a link (or many links) relating to Electrostatic
>  >  Inertial Confinement of plasmas, especially Bussard's "polywell" device?
>  >  Thanks,
>  >  Nels
>  On applied physics.
>  A world wide patent search(1990) in applied physics for plasma rocket 
> engines(two dimensional containers) revealed:
>  Nuclear Powered Propulsive Device- Arthur W. Blackman Jr.- Pat 3,108,054 
>  Gaseous Vortex Reactor For A Rocket Motor- Frank E. Rom- Pat 3,270,496 
>  Nuclear Rocket Motor- Frank E. Rom et al (Lat."and other(s)") -Pat 
>  Gas Core Reactor Propulsion System- Henry M. Hunter et al- Pat 3,399,534 
>  Gaseous Nuclear Rocket Engine- Sheldon Weinbaum et all- Pat 3,714,782 
>  Type in the above patent number at the U.S. patent office website and you 
> will get the complete plans and description for two dimensional plasma 
> containment devices.
>  My two dimensional container is 
A Plasma Rocket Engine


>  A magnetoplasmatic rocket engine VASIMIR
>  is a proposal to construct a proof of principle test under NASA 
>  Link
>  http://spacsun.rice.edu/aspl/
>  For theoretical physics:
>  and three dimensional containers you are on your own as presently 
> do not know how to contain a plasma in three dimensions for any significant 
> length of time or even having significant power levels that do not burst or 
> leak from the container. I do not know why they want one.
>  I am not sure what you want the info for but I hope the links help. If you 
> have want to know anything more specific jusk ask. 
>  Who is Bussard and what did he contain?
>  Bussard's inventions are listed as references by patent number in many of 
> the above patents(not mine) and use the given patent numbers to see his 
> machines. Find his Patent proper name used and you can search for his 
> unlisted patents. "Polywell" will not return search results unless that is 
> the proper name of his patented invention.
>  Tom

Pardon the previous garbeled post. I had e-mailed it to nlindber@u.
washington.edu and negleted to forward to this list and the first attempt to 
correct failed- So with rewrite

Kelly your good links were on target for theoretical physics.

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