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Re: starship-design: query.

n a message dated 4/5/00 12:13:27 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
nlindber@u.washington.edu writes:

> Can anyone send me a link (or many links) relating to Electrostatic
>  Inertial Confinement of plasmas, especially Bussard's "polywell" device?
>  Thanks,
>  Nels

On applied physics.
A world wide patent search(1990) in applied physics for plasma rocket 
engines(two dimensional containers) revealed:

Nuclear Powered Propulsive Device- Arthur W. Blackman Jr.- Pat 3,108,054 
Gaseous Vortex Reactor For A Rocket Motor- Frank E. Rom- Pat 3,270,496 
Nuclear Rocket Motor- Frank E. Rom et al (Lat."and other(s)") -Pat 3,336,749 
Gas Core Reactor Propulsion System- Henry M. Hunter et al- Pat 3,399,534 
Gaseous Nuclear Rocket Engine- Sheldon Weinbaum et all- Pat 3,714,782 

Type in the above patent number at the U.S. patent office website and you 
will get the complete plans and description for two dimensional plasma 
containment devices.

My container is 
 <A HREF="http://members.aol.com/tjac780754/indexb.htm">Plasma Rocket Engine</

A magnetoplasmatic rocket engine VASIMIR
is a proposal to construct a proof of principle test under NASA supervision.

For theoretical physics:
and three dimensional containers you are on your own as presently scientists 
do not know how to contain a plasma in three dimensions for any significant 
length of time or even having significant power levels that do not burst or 
leak from the container. I do not know why they want one.

I am not sure what you want the info for but I hope the links help. If you 
have want to know anything more specific jusk ask. 

Who is Bussard and what did he contain?

Bussard's inventions are listed as references by patent number in many of the 
above patents(not mine) and use the given patent numbers to see his machines. 
Find his Patent proper name used and you can search for his unlisted patents. 
"Polywell" will not return search results unless that is the proper name of 
his patented invention.